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The company includes comprehensive management of building construction. Our activities consist in planning, organization, implementation and control of all company activities. We are interested in creating projects that fulfill the investor's idea of ​​ideal housing or business and create new opportunities for our clients, design and manage sites incorporated into the environment.

Real Estate

Complete real estate services, buying, selling, renting and legal advice. (we ensure the preparation of complete contractual documentation, we mediate acts on the land register, notarial acts). We currently offer several properties. If you are interested in any property, please contact us.


We offer investment and business cooperation. We focus on strategic investments in alter. development of residential real estate, construction, production and sales for other activities. Invest your assets directly in the firm's real estate, equity or other assets closely linked to the real estate market.


About company


Past and present:

RED was established in 1997 under the trade name I.B.TE. Slovakia, spol. s.r.o. /hereinafter referred to as RED/and thoughtout our existence we have been a stable partner for business relations. We initially focused opur business exclusively on the import and trade of building materials and later RED became the parent cell of a whole group of companies that have a diverse range of business activities.

The subsidiary portfolio includes an sdvertising agency, construction companies, locksmith production and , in particular, a wide network of development projects. Due to the growing dominance of development activities, the name of the company RED - REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT was also profiled. The rapid growth in the volume of development opportunities in our portfolio has created a natural requirement for co-financing own resources, creating a new segment – investing.

Today, we passively control the portfolio of subsidiaries, except for those dealing with development, where we are 100% active. We have completed a number of completed projects that have been put into use, thus gaining the necessary experience that we apply to new, more ambitious challanges.

Gradually profiling and specializing in the development and construction of residential buildings, the company has gained experience and today we have our own project and management team and a wide range of consultants and cooperating companies.

As a modern and dynamic company we feel the need to adapt to the current requirements of our customers and therefore we innovate our internal processes. Now, as a profiled company, we focus exclusively on acquiring new development projects. Previous successful acquisitions have already brought us into our portfolio operational facilities that we manage, rent, whether we use for our normal operations.

The breakthrough and definitive targeting of the rental housing sector was brought to us only by cooperation with a new partner - the State Housing Development Fund  /hereinafter referred to as the ŠFRB /. Thanks to this cooperation, we have been able to get large orders into the company background together with complete stability, as it is a cooperation with the public administration, which is a certainty for transparent trading. Initially, these were construction contracts in the segment of residential buildings renewal. However, the greater success was the conclusion of contracts with municipalities on the construction of apartment buildings financed by the ŠFRB.

The ambition of the ŠFRB is, to a large extent, to provide new housing for people who will not be burdened with loans for which they have to set up a property. Demand for rental flats is still on an upward trend and is an inevitable solution to the housing issue, not only for municipalities, but also for legal entities (developers) who have a vision of finding their place in the real estate market in the future.


RED's long-term vision is to become a recognized leader in rental housing development and to build its own real estate fund.

Throughout the development of RED, it has always been a gradual identification of logical needs that will ensure the realization of ideas according to market demand as well as investors. We know that mutual and fair cooperation is the most important for ensuring and further developing our efficiency. Therefore, we are ready to take every challenge that moves us and our services forward. Several years of management experience clearly demonstrate the absolute importance of one important factor - coordination.
Coordination is the alpha and omega of success in development, which is how our entire company is managed. Based on correct, timely and logical coordination, we can create added value for the client. Every well coordinated work needs constant control. This inevitable activity is also an essential foundation for achieving the desired quality goal. This is how we have adopted our slogan - COORDINATION, CONTROL, QUALITY - exactly in this sequence.

In the framework of the provision of services we follow the principles and methodology of ISO 9001 quality certificates, quality management system, ISO 14001, environmental management system, ISO 18001, Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

The aim of RED is to produce quality projects with optimal setup and operating costs and with attractive returns for our investors.


we are in the market more than 20 years


what is in place? Sustainability. We create potentially safe values.

100thous. m²

project area in-line

Our Projects


 Production area Termokov - Pod. Biskupice 

 Business centrum Pribisova - Karlova Ves 

 Superstructure Muskatova - Pezinok 

Nadstavba Nová Fončorda - B. Bystrica



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If you have any questions or recommendations, please call: +421 2/20 75 80 35 or fill out the following form.

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Pribišova 47

841 05 Bratislava

Karlova Ves - Dlhé Diely

Tel: +421 2/20 75 80 35


To be part of the RED team, send your CV to:

+421 2/20 75 80 35
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