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 More than 1000 realized orders. 

 More than 100 years of experience. 





Our company always wanted to build something. The result of this was our construction company. We started with the renovation of apartment buildings, later we switched to turnkey constructions . Within this activity, a significant step was taken when we acquired the construction company TERMSTAV,m whose roots date back to 1926. We got a brand taht has a tradition of more than 90 years. And not only that, we have also gained the experience this company has sice its management has remained to this day, but already under our control. Today we use modern technical equipmentz, technologies and materials.  These conveniences of today´s times help our efforts to achieve cost reductions, of couse not to the detriment of quality. Just as important as stepping up with innovation is keeping your own porven solutions and the right sequence of building stages. This is our „know – how“.  Through partners and suppliers we are looking for efficient solutions that meet comfort and current energy standards.
TERMSTAV was founded in 1991 by the division of the former state - owned company TERMOSTAV. Since its inception in 1926, it has provided a wide rande of specialized construction works. The company enables to realize a very wide range of activities: building contruction, designing and engineering, turnkey contruction, turnkey industrial halls, rehabilitation of concrete structures, asbestos danger remediation, demolition, thermal insulation and building renovation, building cladding, building insulation, earthworks and communications. 
TERMSTAV has the ambition to achieve the position of a serious partner for investors respected by the competition while guaranteeing quality, keeping deadlines and competitive prices.

More than 1000 realized orders.

More than 100 years of experience.



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